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Author: Mikayla

The Handoff of the Website

The Handoff of the Website

I was incredibly nervous last Wednesday, with having to accept the due date of the website and grading my fellow group mates on their work for the project. Despite this, looking back over the website, I was actually pretty pleased with how the website came out. It looks complete and well-functioning, like a novice historical narrative website. I know that there could be much more we could include upon the website, especially with more time, but I feel satisfied with what we have accomplished.

I really feel as though all the work that was placed into it, any frustrations with technology and research, was worth it. I just feels very strange. You never want to really hand in something that takes very long to work on, just to avoid the final judgement and grading system. However, feeling good about the final product is a little surprising. I was never disappointed with the website, but its a private project that just became public. It’s an odd feeling.

I feel very proud of what I’ve achieved throughout the project, though I also think I’ve probably placed the most physical work into it, which probably influences my thinking. I am somewhat nervous about the presentations, but I think everything will be fine. I will do my best to offer feedback and support to Evan, our lead historian, until the end of the presentations and the course is over.